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Aluminum multidimensional plate/Aluminum Three-dimensional plate/

Aluminum multidimensional plate

Product specification             Panel Thickness

length adjustable:      3mm,4mm,6mm,8mm

Thickness of top sheet:    t1-(05-0.8mm)

Thickness of carrugation:   tw-(0.3-0.5mm)

Thickness of bottom sheet:   t2-(0.3-0.8mm)

Panel overall Thickness in milimetres:H-(3-6mm)

  • Product Details

3D aluminum composite plate, using aluminum alloy plate as the substrate, includes a bottom plate, a 3D core plate, and a panel distributed sequentially from bottom to top. The panel and bottom plate are fixedly connected to the upper and lower surfaces of the 3D core plate, with a bonding layer between the bottom plate and the 3D core plate, and a bonding layer between the panel and the 3D core plate to form a 3D plate.

3D aluminum composite board is an improved version of honeycomb board, which is more lightweight than honeycomb board. All aluminum three-dimensional boards are made of aluminum, 100% environmentally friendly, and have A2 level fire resistance. Easy to process. And its surface can display a perfect appearance of stone, wood, and mirror patterns.

Aluminum multidimensional plate


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