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Professional in aluminum products、Aluminum ceiling curtain wall

Aluminum Three-dimensional plate、Multidimensional plate、Honeycomb aluminum plate

About Us - Jiaxing PURFUL Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd

About Us

27 years of focus on environmentally friendly building materials.

Jiaxing Purful Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.specializes in providing various customized aluminum products.With original persistence,excellent quality and leading strategy,the company  has a large proportion in the local building materials market.The company has also formed a more systematic business management system integrating R&D,manufacturing and sales.

The development of the company is due to its substantial strength.The company uses advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad,not only in production,but also in product innovation.We have a professional team that integrates production design,product modeling and style design,business channel management,market expansion and after-sales service to provide our customers with aluminum Fangtong,ceiling,square tube,honeycomb board,corrugated board,three-dimensional board,aluminum veneer,square board,buckle,hanging piece and other series of products.

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A craftsman is a craftsman.In the past,things needed to be made with an axe.The word for tools has a “Jin’,and the word for craftsman also has a “Jin”.The starting point of doing things should be the same as using the tool in hand.You should be careful and have a heart which is the craftsmanship. With this spirit,we maintain a consistent attitude of excellence in product manufacturing and service systems,and always adhere to the exploration attitude of seeking innovation and change on the road of new product development,constantly surpassing the past,­ surpassing ourselves and creating new heights.


In order to fully ensure the leading production technology, greatly improve the productivity and ensure the long-term stability of quality, we have constantly introduced advanced production technology and production equipment at home and abroad, purchased bending machines, plate shears, tower punches, carving machines, and selected high-quality raw materials to maximize the quality and stability of our products.

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