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Development history - Jiaxing PURFUL Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd

Development history

Development history


1997   The founder Mr. Chen Jianlong entered the ceiling business and determined to provide Chinese people with healthy and environmentally friendly building materials.

2001   OUZHIJIE China enters Shanghai’s first Red Star Macalline store and opens its first image store.

2004   OUZHIJIE China opened the first ceiling factory in Hangzhou, and was the first large enterprise in Zhejiang to enter the ceiling industry.

2007   OUZHIJIE China invested heavily to establish Ou Zhijie Zhejiang Jiaxing Branch, fully entering the field of home improvement materials.


2010   OUZHIJIE China introduces imported high-end equipment and has multiple engineering spraying production lines.

2012   The new 20,000 square meter factory in Hangzhou was completed, becoming the industry’s largest well-known company.

2013   OUZHIJIE China invested heavily in the establishment of Guangdong Foshan Branch, becoming a giant in the field of tooling and home improvement.


2014   The tenth dealer conference of OU ZHIJIE was grandly held in Hangzhou. In October of the same year, the ceiling conference association annual meeting held in the Great Hall of the People was awarded the “Top Ten Brands of Chinese Ceiling” title. . Won the honor of “Top 10 Most Influential Brands in the Market” of Integrated Ceiling.

2015   OUZHIJIE China participated in the China Building Materials Expo at the same time in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and its popularity expanded again. Won the honors of “Top Ten Influential Brands” for integrated walls and “Top 10 Influential Brands” for integrated furniture.

2016   Ouzhijie full room integrated Jiaxing base was officially opened, with an office production area of more than 12000 square meters, which is an important milestone to truly realize the national strategic layout.
It won the honor of “Top Ten Brands in China’s Ceiling Industry” and “Product Innovation Award in China’s Ceiling Industry”.


2017   Set up a production base in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, and improve the production capacity of Zhejiang tooling and home decoration.In the same year, it also won the top ten brands and innovative brands of ceiling in Guangdong Province.

2020   The medical integrated top wall decoration system has won a good reputation.

2021   ”Zhejiang Dingmei Ou Zhijie Integrated Decoration Co., LTD.” was established in cooperation with the ceiling industry leader.

2022   “Ou Zhi Jie “, “Ding Mei Ou Zhi Jie” two production base operation.

2023   Spread your wings and fly, create brilliant again!

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