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Indoor aluminum veneer

High quality aluminum alloy substrate, rich in color, can meet the needs of modern architecture for color. PVDF fluorocarbon surface coating, color stability and fastness; It has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. It can withstand ultraviolet rays for a long time and resist the erosion of strong wind, acid rain, industrial waste gas, etc. Light weight, high strength; It is not easy to stain and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The installation structure is simple, and can be processed into various plane, arc, multi fold and other complex shapes, with strong decorative effect.

Aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneer is a series of deep processing products among aluminum building materials. It is a new curtain wall material that uses high-quality aluminum alloy plates as the base material, and then is processed and shaped by numerical control bending technology, and the surface is sprayed with decorative paint. Aluminum veneer has become an indispensable member  of curtain wall family  in the application of exterior wall decoration.

Main use: mainly used for the decoration of external walls of buildings, such as interior walls, hallways, facades, wrapped columns, grid structures, outdoor floating



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